Heather Shakespeare


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These are the services I offer, with examples from my past and current work:

Regular writing for wellbeing workshops – open to all

Themed monthly sessions in person or online. See Events for further information.

One-off workshops for charities, schools and other organisations

Bespoke writing programmes for specific contexts and client groups

Online writing courses for individuals

W@W Wellbeing at Work, a free online toolkit with writing activities on themes relating to work of any kind https://www.writingforlife.co.uk/wellbeing-at-work-writing-toolkit/

If you’d like to know more or discuss options for your group or organisation, do get in touch.

What people say

“Heather is skilled at creating a space for connection, creativity, insight and fun.”

“…well thought out and interesting exercises and prompts”

“The best thing was seeing creativity in us all and finding ways to access it. “

“Heather has confidently guided us on a writing journey of exploration and provided a safe space for us to share our findings. I cherish this time I have carved out for myself.”

“Heather’s relaxed and gentle facilitation of the group encourages all to share something during the session which feels very inclusive.”

“… allowed my mind to open the door to my imagination, without any restrictions, criticism or expectations.”

“For the first time in my life, I have sat down and written without awaiting a result, or grade being awarded to my writing. This is a bit of a revelation to me, but also a relief and great experience, which has really opened my eyes. So, thank you for this opportunity.”